Volunteers share a sense of service and community through their work at Grace Gate. Our volunteers strongly support the Grace Gate mission. 


Volunteers include physicians, mid-level providers, pharmacists, registered nurses and clerical/general support and clergy.


Volunteers are welcomed and appreciated! If you are interested in volunteering at Grace Gate or would like more information, please call (706) 839-4080, email administrator@gracegateclinic.org, or email a message from the Contact Us page on this website.   



Volunteer Roles

 Physician                                                                         Records Clerk

Nurse Practitioner                                                              Receptionist

Nurse                                                                              Prayer Partner

 Pharmacist                                                  Application/ Financial Clerk


Volunteer Comments

It is rewarding to hear comments from patients who have been able to manage their illnesses with the treatment and medication provided. 


It is my pleasure to serve at Grace Gate.


Patients receive help and hope from their involvement with Grace Gate. 




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